Irish Harp - Serenade for the Moon

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Medium: Giclee, Acrylic on Archival Engraving Rag

This painting is a very early large watercolor/gauche that I painted while living on the outskirts of Munich in one of the oldest villages in Germany that still allowed the cows to be driven to their stalls down the main street. It is of my Irish Harp that I purchased and played in the 70's. Still have the harp, although I have not played it recently. Whoops - not true - Actually you can hear some of my harp playing here: (recorded in 2014)

Print Size - 16" x 20"
Mediums: Giclee, Acrylic on Archival Engraving Rag
(larger sizes available upon request: [email protected])

All prints are shipped flat with a strong backing and ready for framing at your favorite framing retailer/shop. Frame available for added cost.

All prints are painted on once again with real paint, creating a unique, near-original state that allows the light to play on the surface of the "painting" due to the rebuilt painted surface.

These are NOT flat, lifeless prints.
The surface of the print, due to being painted over again, has structure and texture which look fabulous in the light.