Old Timer Mascot (Hood Ornament) Series #1

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ORIGINAL Available - 18" x 24"
Mediums: Acrylic on Canvas (prints available upon request: [email protected])

For a time I was (and still am to a degree) fascinated with the art form of "Mascots" as created by car manufacturers. Normally called hood-ornaments, they showed off a certain elegance behind the design of each make and model of a car, as envisioned by the manufacturers. Can you guess which year, make and model this one is from?

All 20" x 16"prints are shipped flat with a strong backing and ready for framing at your favorite framing retailer/shop. Frame available for added cost.

All prints are painted on once again with real paint, creating a unique, near-original state that allows the light to play on the surface of the "painting" due to the rebuilt painted surface.

These are NOT flat, lifeless prints. The surface of the print, due to being painted over again, has structure and texture which look fabulous in the light.