The artist, Randy Cole, is by day an offline/online marketing consultant for business. He has been painting for well over 40+ years, learning to draw 3D illustrations at the tender age of around 10. At first striving to be a technically precise draftsman who might use his skills in he architectural world, he learned upon entering high school and college that the precision he loved was often counter intuitive to the looser, impressionistic style that later wanted to develop.

Thanks to professor Katz (husband of Vera Katz, who was one of Portland, Oregon's esteemed and beloved mayors) who taught modern art in the college Mr. Cole attended (Portland State University in Portland, Oregon), he learned to indeed loosen up his painting style. This was mostly due to the life threatening punishment that professor Katz promised to exact upon him if Mr. Cole could not quit being so photographically exact in his renderings.

To this day, Mr. Cole still struggles with keeping his style light, loose and impressionistic, rather than exacting and photographic in nature. Thank you Professor Katz!

Another interesting influence that helped Mr. Cole to both appreciate and long for mastering the loose, "broken color" style that is his today, was that of a film starring William Holden called "The Life of Suzie Wong", in which he portrayed the life of an architect that wanted to make his living as a fine painter. In that movie I saw artwork that displayed the perfect broken color, slightly abstract color and imagery that somehow made an immense impression on a young mind. Ever since that experience, Mr. Cole has been attempting to attain that seemingly "out of reach" balance between the substantive and ethereal style of painting that is always just over the horizon.

Thanks for coming by and visiting my humble abode and I hope you find some interesting pieces in this site that speak to you of moments in your past, present or future!

Randy Cole
Arteest (spoken with a slight French accent please)

Artist at home in his studio