Some of my clients request portraits and other works of art they have envisioned.

COMMISSIONS - As an artist, part of how I practice my art (no pun intended) is to do commissions for people, of their loved ones, children or events in their life.

SPECIAL PRICING: I am currently running a special right now, for parents of kids in sports - Baseball, soccer, football, etc.

The size of the painting can be 11"x14" @ $145.00 (painted on canvas, ready for stretching and framing) and 16" x 20" @ $165 (on canvas, ready for framing).

A friend of this couple came to me one day and asked if I could do anything to help this couple out. The photographer they had simply could not produce any good image of them. You can see what a difference a painting can make, as I can control color values, lighting, emphasis of light and dark through contrast, and in general a much more pleasing image.

The parents of this couple commissioned me for the painting of the engagement of their oldest daughter.

One year later, not to be outdone, her younger sister decided to get engaged and married. This was their engagement painting. This was the second painting that the parents requested. Too bad they do not have any more daughters!

This sailing painting was commissioned by 'Robin' for her boyfriend who owned the boat. The photo was taken during what is commonly called the "Beer Can" races on the Columbia River, between Oregon and Washington. Unfortunately the wind was not cooperating much. Maybe that's where the beer cans come in?

I have sometimes had the pleasure of working with interior decorators who request paintings like this large one for theirs. The painting stems from a picture that the client had found in decorating magazine. The original is NOT signed with my name, as it was not my original. I also did not sign it with the artists name, as I did not want to create a forgery. The back of the painting has the story of origin, etc.

Artist in his studio

If you would like to have me paint something special for you or a loved one, corporate building, wedding gift or child's portrait or sports event, please use the CONTACT FORM to start the conversation. We can then discuss size of the project, materials to be used and medium to be used.